(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
v. withdraw, retreat, leave, resign, rusticate, lie low, keep aloof; put out [to pasture]; go to bed. See seclusion, departure, recession, resignation, repose.
(Roget's IV) v.
1. [To draw away]
Syn. separate, withdraw, part, leave, recede, retreat, regress, draw back, seclude oneself, secede, keep aloof, keep apart, shut oneself up, deny oneself, rusticate; see also leave 1 .
Ant. join*, accompany, take part in.
2. [To go to bed]
Syn. lie down, turn in, rest; see lie 4 , sleep .
3. [To cease active life]
Syn. resign, give up work, leave active service, step down, make vacant, hand over, reach retirement age, be pensioned off, lead a quiet life, sequester oneself, get the golden handshake*, be put on the shelf*, be put out to pasture*; see also resign 2 .
4. [To remove]
Syn. revoke, rescind, scrap; see eliminate 1 , withdraw 2 .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) v.
leave, retreat, withdraw, depart, exit, part, run along, turn in, go to bed, *call it a day, *hit the sack, quit, resign.
(Roget's Thesaurus II) verb 1. To move or proceed away from a place: depart, exit, get away, get off, go, go away, leave1, pull out, quit, run (along), withdraw. Informal: cut out, push off, shove off. Slang: blow1, split, take off. Idioms: hit the road, take leave. See APPROACH. 2. To go to bed: bed (down). Informal: turn in. Slang: crash, flop. Idioms: call it a night, hit the hay (or sack). See AWARENESS. 3. To withdraw from business or active life: step down. Idioms: call it quits, hang up one's spurs, turn in one's badge. See CONTINUE. 4. To remove from active service: pension (off), superannuate. Idiom: put out to pasture. See KEEP. 5. To move back in the face of enemy attack or after a defeat: draw back, fall back, pull back, pull out, retreat, withdraw. Idioms: beat a retreat, give ground (or way). See FORWARD.

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